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Eliminate The Stress…

Let us find your quality tenant

using our Casual Letting Service!

Finding a new tenant is THE biggest key to having a hassle free property investment.

Here at Spectrum Rentals we appreciate that not all landlords require the service of a full-time Property Manager.  With that in mind we provide a very competitive, stress free casual letting service that places a good, well qualified, quality tenant in your property.  Once your tenant has been secured through our casual letting service, the management of the property stays with you.

If you would prefer NOT to have to:

  • Pay $99 plus for advertising
  • Screen phone calls
  • Conduct open homes
  • Complete reference and credit checks
  • Have the responsibility of selecting the tenant
  • Complete the tenancy agreement

… then our casual letting service enables you to utilise the service of an expert and eliminate the stress, time and cost of finding the tenant yourself.


How do we do this?

  • Your property is advertised on TradeMe, realestate.co.nz and course spectrumrentals.co.nz and to  our comprehensive database. Our Trade Me listings consistently remain on Page One of Trade Me.
  • Phone calls and email enquiries are responded to quickly.  (Feedback we have heard from tenants is that many property managers are either very slow to get back to them or even worse don’t get back to them at all!!!)
  • We show prospective tenants through the property and weed out the ones that aren’t suitable.
  • A detailed tenancy application form is then completed by prospective tenants and sent to you to consider.
  • Applications are shortlisted then discussed with you as the landlord.  We appreciate that the property is your investment and it is important that you have the final input in deciding who will rent your property.
  • Reference checks with previous landlords and employers are completed. Credit checks are also completed.
  • Our comprehensive tenancy agreement can be completed on your behalf or alternatively you can complete your own if you would prefer.
  • Bond and initial rent payment is paid direct to you (landlords have said that other companies with a casual letting service  take quite some time to pass this on so having it paid direct to you gives you access to your funds immediately).


What is my Investment to use your casual letting service?

$45.00 plus GST…  That’s all !!

The rest of our placement fee comes from the tenant.   However, to keep YOUR investment this low, we ask that you work with us exclusively for a minimum of 3 weeks to give us time to secure you the quality tenant you are looking for.  Over 90% of our properties are let within that timeframe so we ask not to have our efforts diluted by engaging with other companies within that  time.

Then what???

Once your tenant is secured through our casual letting service, we hand it all back to you. However, if you are considering having your property fully managed but are unsure about it all…  we would like to provide you with the opportunity to test us out with a Risk Free Trial…

Try our management service FREE for a 2 month trial period. If at the end of 2 months you aren’t 100% happy, you walk away, no questions asked. We can’t be fairer that that!



Frequently asked questions about

a Casual Letting Service

Why use a casual letting service:

– In a nutshell because we make it so easy!!!!  Finding a quality, qualified tenant is not as easy as it seems.  We’ve heard many a story from  ‘do it yourself’ landlords who regret the day they decided to sign up a tenant because they either just wanted the property rented or were too busy and didn’t have time to check prospective tenants out thoroughly  first. At Spectrum Rentals,  letting properties is our business.  Our casual letting services process is thorough, professional and of a design that will provide you with the quality of tenant you want in your rental property.

How much rent will I get?

– This is a tricky one as it will depend where your property is, what condition it’s in, what features it has etc.  We will give you a range of other similar properties that have been let in your area and discuss what your property is likely to rent for based on the market you are positioned in.  We will work with you diligently to ensure you receive the maximum rent whilst at the same time ensuring your property is rented as quickly as possible.

How soon will I get a tenant?

– This can be dependent on the time of year that your property is being rented, demand in your particular area and market conditions at the time.  You can be assured that we will be wanting to place a tenant for you as quickly as possible and with that in mind, we will be promoting and advertising your property to ensure it is given every opportunity to rent.

Where do you advertise?

– Spectrum has a database of qualified tenants and we also get daily calls and emails from people looking for places to rent. Through our casual letting service, your property will be marketed  on our website as well as on the industry leading websites of Trade Me and realestate.co.nz. On occasion we will advertise on Gumtree.co.nz which is a well known website used by those living overseas to find rental properties.

Advertising in either the local or metropolitan newspaper is also be an option.

If your property is located on a main or busy road you can also utilize our sign boards which give your property great exposure 24/7.

We will run open homes and viewing by appointment and often do these after work hours and on Saturdays to ensure that no one misses an opportunity to see your property.

A combination of all these things ensures your property will get not only local, but worldwide exposure.

I’m considering using a property management company to look after my property, why should I choose Spectrum Rentals?

– Property management is a specialized field and is constantly changing.  Engaging a specialist property management company who are aware of the changing legal implications, market place rents, rent arrears and inspections can greatly improve the return on your investment.

Spectrum Rentals specialise in the renting of properties. We are NOT in the business of selling so we have no distractions.  Our staff are all highly experienced, own rental properties themselves and pride themselves on offering a superior service at an affordable price.

If you are time poor, not up to speed with the Residential Tenancies Act, inexperienced with owning an investment property or just simply sick of dealing with tenants, take advantage of our FREE 2 month management service.

What is my investment to have my property professionally managed by Spectrum Rentals?

– We offer the most competitively priced service in the Auckland area without compromising our high standard of service.  Your investment to have your property managed by Spectrum Rentals is outlined below:

Our Task

Your Investment

Weekly management of your property 5.5% of the weekly rent plus GST capped at $35.00 plus GST per week.
Property Inspections $40.00 plus GST
Tenancy Tribunal Application Fee $20.44 plus GST
Casual Letting Service Advertising Fee $45.00 plus GST
Annual Fee Zero
Administration Fee Zero
Statement Fee Zero
Credit Check Fee Zero
Maintenance Fee Zero


My property rents for a lot so the fee will make it cost prohibitive.

With most property management companies that’s true. However, Spectrum Rentals is a LEADER in property management practices. If your property rents for more than $640 per week we cap your investment with us to $35 plus GST per week to manage your property.  And, what’s more, we provide the first 2 months completely FREE so you can ‘try before you buy’. Just one more way Spectrum Rentals is leading the change in property management practices.